Currency & Accommodation


The currency is known as Ngultrum/Nu. It is equivalent to the Indian Rupee, which is also legal tender. Presently the currency exchange rate offers 62 Ngultrum to 1 US$. Banks and some hotels will exchange traveller’s cheques and some major currencies, but paper monies must be in perfect condition. Credit and debit cards are only accepted at a few hotels and shops.


All hotels and lodges we use are government approved and registered with the Tourism Council of Bhutan. Throughout Bhutan, hotels and lodges can be found built in the traditional Bhutanese way. Bedrooms are usually ‘en-suite,’ with either central heating or wood-burning stoves, a daily linen service and always serve hot meals; some offer stone baths or other holistic therapies. For camping, Langur Eco Travels has its own camping crew who provide three hot meals each day and hot showers; our camping equipment has walk-in tents and camp beds for a more comfortable night’s sleep. Whatever your holiday, whenever and wherever you decide to stay in Bhutan, you will be sure of the incredibly warm and welcoming Bhutanese hospitality.