Health Information and Insurance

Health Information

Please check with your GP or travel clinic at least two months before you travel to Bhutan for up to date advice and arrangements for immunisation treatments if required. At present no vaccinations are currently required unless you are arriving from an area infected with yellow fever or cholera, when it is necessary to have the appropriate vaccination, at least 10 days before entry. However, it is recommended that polio, tetanus, hepatitis and typhoid immunisations are up to date and you take area specific anti-malarial tablet and only drink bottled water. Please note medical facilities are available in all major towns in Bhutan.


We strongly advise that your travel insurance policies include medical assistance and (helicopter) evacuation – we believe that it is ‘better to be safe than sorry!’Should you decline to do so, we must inform you that we do not accept responsibility should you requiremedical attention/evacuation whilst on holiday with us.